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Our Short Film Cinema Camera Rig

Ever wondered what it takes to shoot a cinematic short film? Here’s how we rigged the camera on our latest project.

Cinema cameras come in all shapes and sizes. This is the one that we used to shoot a short film Neon Noir.

The body is the c200b come out rigged in a shape camera cage so that it can take more weight and isn't as vulnerable to being damaged.

On top is a TV logic fs7 ultra-bright monitor this came in really handy when we were going from shooting inside to shooting outside quickly. it's outdoor mode is really bright, bright enough to use in direct sun

On the front of the camera we had the Canon CNE Prime set these have the added advantage of being able to display how in or out of focus they are with the Canon dual pixel autofocus and focus assist feature. as far as I know this is the only lenses that have this ability because they feature of the electronic contacts and lens communication.

On the back of the camera or the bebob slim, V Mount batteries. One of these got us through an entire day of shooting.

Inside is the Prograde digital 512gb cfast 2.0 cards. These store around 65 minutes of Canon raw light footage. Even shooting 12 Pages a day, with long takes, we still only use one and a half of these. This meant I didn't need to use a DIT on set to transfer off footage.

I was really happy how the whole package came together and went flawlessly over the two days.  I do need a new top handle to carry this around and a tripod to balance it all. These 2 things we rented,  but it would be good to own them for myself so I don't lose all the time picking up and dropping off rental gear next time I shoot.