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Canon c200 vs c200b

Probably the best 4k Raw camera on the market right now is the Canon c200. But it comes in 2 different models: the C200 for $7500 and the C200b for $6000. Which one is right for you? Today we find out.

c200 has a touch screen, the EVF, the side handle. top handle and side handl. its also 1500 more expensive. Is that money spent better on third party accessories, like a bigger screen? That depends on what you plan to use the camera for.



  • has 2 built in screens

  • 3 ways to control the camera

  • its a ready to go package all powered by one battery


  • expensive

  • the screens are small - too small in my opinion

  • the EVF is in the totally wrong location and some people go as far as to have it removed!

  • its a little clunky - and you need to derig it for most jobs



  • cheaper

  • You can add one BIG screen that works

  • lighter, and more versatile - for gimbals, or rigging handheld

  • you can always buy the other accessories BUT they’re pricey - $280 for a cable


  • The touch screen won’t work on eternal monitors

  • its more of a niece tool, so might not holds it value

For me, the c200b was the clear choice. But my main purpose was narrative work - if your a wedding shooter, or any kind of single shooter, the c200 might be a better choice.

Rubidium Wu