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Hour of the Wolf is a feature length action thriller, set in real time in a single location.

‘In the last hour of your life, who do you have the courage to become?’


The plot centers around Wolf, an elite special forces sniper who has infiltrated a foreign country with orders to assassinate it’s dictator. The film opens as he gains entry to the film’s location: a derelict apartment that overlooks the route of a planned street parade.

To Wolf’s surprise, he soon realizes he is not alone. Tied up in a cupboard is Xatia, a beautiful young women who has been abducted by the apartment’s former occupant. Unable to release her, and unwilling to kill her, Wolf takes Xatia hostage, and an unusual bond forms between them. 

As security forces close in on their position, and the clock counts down, Wolf and Xatia must fight to stay alive and reveal the truth behind a mission he was never meant to come home from.