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Rumor Roundup: Full Frame Canon c300m3 is coming Late 2019

We are finally going to see a full frame RAW cinema camera for under US$20,000 if rumors are to be believed.

Canon Rumors are reporting that the next camera from Canon will be the c300 mark 3, not a c400 or c500m2.

  • base price around $15k with a 4k s35 sensor

  • Similar to the c700, there will be a FULL FRAME sensor upgrade available for around $2.5k

  • Camera will have 422 10 bit of existing c300m2, plus internal Raw to 2xCfast 2.0 cards

  • Should be the same sized body as c300m2

There are also some signs that the camera will be available in Canon’s new R mount, meaning that with a converter ring, you will be able to use both EF and PL lenses, plus whatever other lens formats emerge AND have an extra ring for exposure.

Rubidium Wu